The Kytun Slate Dry Verge System permanently secures slate applications on gable ends protecting the verge from wind uplift and rain. The Slate Dry Verge System can be used with both interlocking slates and double lap natural or fibre cement slates. The components are manufactured from high grade pre-primed polyester coated aluminium, galvanised metal & high durability extruded UV inhibited PVC-U

The verge on a roof is probably the most vulnerable part due to its exposure to wind and water penetration. Traditionally the most common practice way of protecting this is by filling the gap between the wall and roof with wet mortar. This however, is now a rare occurrence as mortar as we know expands, shrinks, cracks and falls out after a number of years thus leaving the verge once again exposed to the elements. Mortar also acts like a big sponge soaking water into the roof space. Having an exposed verge leads to water entering and rotting the ends of the battens and weakening the integrity of the roof. 
Even when using mortar as a solution it doesn’t do one very important aspect and that is securing the slates in place and protecting them for being blown off in high winds. All it takes is just one slate coming loose then a domino effect takes place with multiple slates braking loose.
Kytun Slate Dry Verge Systems