Valley Slate Trim C07

The Slate Valley Trim is specifically used for a dry roof valley application.


Due to the high volume of water travelling down the valley a patented water drip and multiple outlet system runs along the trim.

Slate Valley Trim secures slates on valleys, eliminating the problems traditionally encountered with small slates pieces falling out.





Product Features

The components are manufactured from high grade pre-primed polyester coated aluminium.

  • Provides full wind uplift and rain protection.
  • Patented ‘Drip System’ which allows for self-drainage of rain water into the gutter.
  • Extremely easy and quick to install.
  • Requires no maintenance once installed.
  • Can be fully customised.
  • Extensive range of colours available.
Slate Valley Trim C07

Product Code Size Colour
C07 - 2400 18mm x 2.4m Black - Blue/Black - Brown
C07N - 2400 25mm x 2.4m Black - Blue/Black - Brown
C07 18mm x 3m Black - Blue/Black - Brown
C07N 25mm x 3m Black - Blue/Black - Brown
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