GRP Valley Trough - over batten

GRP valley troughs are manufactured from lead grey Glass Reinforced Polyester, to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional lead roof gutters.

• A complete range for use with natural or man-made slates and clay or concrete tiles
• Life expectancy of over 30 years
• Convincing simulation of traditional lead
• Light and easy to transport, handle and install
• Virtually maintenance-free
• Manufacture assured to BS EN ISO 9001
• BBA Certification (No 07/4492)

Suitable for all kinds of pitched roofs
GRP valley troughs can be used with clay or concrete tiles or
slate roofs, as well as profiled GRP or metal roofs. Options are
available for wet or dry fixing (with or without mortar).

Excellent long-term durability
UV protected surfaces provide GRP valley troughs with
excellent protection against weathering and discolouration,
with a life expectancy of over 30 years.

Easy to handle and install
At a fraction of the weight of lead and supplied in convenient
three metre lengths, GRP valley troughs are easy to
transport and handle on-site. They are easy to cut and
sufficiently flexible to allow for a variety of roof pitches.

Virtually maintenance-free
The UV inhibiting film applied to the external surfaces of
GRP valley troughs restricts mould and fungal growth which
would impede water flow over time.

The range includes a wide range of profiles to accommodate all kinds of roof features and designs.

GRP valley troughs are manufactured in an ISO 9001 accredited process. They carry BBA certification.

GRP Valley Troughs for Tiles (GTB 13 & GTB 14) – Batten Fix are glass-fibre/polyester laminates with a UV resistant polyester film on the upper face and sanded strips bonded along the upper surface of each edge to provide a key for bedding the roof tiles in mortar.