Half Round Gutter

Half round gutters are a perfect choice for domestic projects with relatively small roof areas and in conjunction with the smaller round downpipes will provide a neat, slimline appearance to your project. North West Aluminium’s range of half round gutters are designed and manufactured to provide the essential architectural features appropriate to traditionally designed buildings. Our system can be used as a direct replacement for Cast Iron. Our standard half round aluminium gutters come in standard lengths of 3m and are currently offered in one standard profile size. For more detailed information please view the specification sheet (PDF) for our aluminium half round gutter system.


Code Description
GCGHR12501 125mm Gutter 3m
GCGHR12502 125mm Gutter 3m with welded jointer


Code Description
GCGHR12540 Int. Universal
GCGHR12550 Ext. Universal


Code To Suit
GCGHR12520 90°
GCGHR12530 135°


Code Description
GCGHR12510 Internal Jointer
GCGHR12512 External Jointer


Code To Suit
GCGHR12510 76mm Round Downpipe
GCGHR12518 100mm Round Downpipe


Code Description
GCGHR12505 Fascia Bracket
GCGHR12506 Spike Bracket
GCGHR12507 Rafter Bracket
GCGHR12508 Rise & Fall Bracket

OUTLET with welded jointer

Code Description
GCGHR12515 76mm Round Downpipe
GCGHR12516 100mm Round Downpipe