Traditional Square Downpipe

The GutterClad Traditional Downpipe range is a socketed downpipe system giving a robust traditional appearance to your project. All extruded profiles and cast pieces are manufactured to the highest standards using LM6 castings which confirm to “BS8530: Traditional-style half round, beaded half round, Victorian ogee and moulded ogee aluminium rainwater systems”. LM6 casted products offer excellent resistance to corrosion under both ordinary atmospheric and marine conditions. The traditional range is available in various sizes in a round, square and rectangular profile. All extruded profiles have a minimum wall thickness of 2mm.

Traditional Square Downpipe Socket & Lug

Code Size
GCDS7601T 76mm Traditional Square Downpipe
GCDS10001T 100mm Traditional Square Downpipe

Traditional Square Off-set Bends

Code Size
GCDS7605T 76mm Traditional Square Off-set Bend
GCDS10005T 100mm Traditional Square Off-set Bend

Traditional Square Projected Off-set Bend

Sizes available on request
A = Provide dimensions

Traditional Square Off-set Assembly

Sizes are available request

Traditional Square Shoe

Code Size
GCDS7610T 76mm Traditional Square Shoe
GCDS10010T 100mm Traditional Square Shoe

Traditional Square Y- Branch

Code Size
GCDS7609T 76mm Traditional Square Y-Branch
GCDS10009T 100mm Traditional Square Y-Branch

Traditional Hopper Round Outlet

For a full range of Traditional style Hoppers contact us at:

Traditional Square Clip & Brackets

Code Size
GCDS7615T 76mm Clip
GCDS10015T 100mm Clip
GCDS7630T 76mm Socket
GCDS10030T 100mm Socket
GCDS7635T 76mm Socket & Lug
GCDS10035T 100mm Socket & Lug