NWA Group Roofing products are designed to be simply and securely installed as quickly as possible, increasing efficiency for roofers while providing a safe and secure finish.

Kytun Products are guaranteed to last

  • 30-year aluminium durability warranty and a 20-year aluminium colour warranty.
  • Steel Range comes with a 20-year steel durability warranty and a 20-year steel colour warranty.
  • Kytun products are warp-proof
  • Kytun products maintain their colour for years
  • British Standard for Dy Fixed Ridge, Hip and Verge systems for Slating and Tiling BRE BS 8612
  • British Standard for Slating and Tiling BRE BS 5534

Kytun Products are the best for roofers because:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Huge labour saving costs
  • Significantly increases roof lifespan
  • Stops wind uplift
  • Stops water penetration
  • Secures slates/tiles permanently
Case Study

Providing the perfect solution

In order to address the needs of the client our team of engineers sat down with the Roofing contractor and we planned a bespoke production of verge trim with 0.98mm thickness.

After the design and testing process were able to provide the contractor with exactly what they needed and they ordered Verge Trim and Apex to complete the finish on the newly-built homes. 

Providing the perfect solution