Our range of products makes it easier for architects to deliver a stylish design that will stand the test of time.

Kytun Guarantees & Certifications

  • Aluminium Range comes with a 30-year aluminium durability warranty and a 20-year aluminium colour warranty.
  • Steel Range comes with a 20-year steel durability warranty and a 20-year steel colour warranty.
  • Our products will not warp.
  • Our products will not discolour.
  • BRE BS 8612: British Standard for Dy Fixed Ridge, Hip and Verge systems for Slating and Tiling.
  • BRE BS 5534: British Standard for Slating and Tiling.

Kytun Lifespan

Our products are designed and produced to stand the test of time:

  • Our Aluminium Range come with a 30-year durability and 20-year colour warranty
  • Our Steel Range come with a 20-year durability and 20-year colour warranty
  • Our products will not warp
  • Our products will not discolour

Kytun Style

  • Our team of designers and engineers can work with you to deliver the designs that you have worked hard to produce
  • We pride ourselves on fulfilling bespoke orders which ensure the end user is happy that they have the house of their dreams

Case Study

The Forest House

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